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In my time I've done a lot of creative work.  I've been a goldsmith and taught jewellery making for 15 years, I've worked as an artist painting nudes, portraits and large semi-abstract landscapes.  I've worked as a therapist and coach helping people with long term depression, anxiety and stress.  I've even taught psychic skills based on the research I did when I was training and working as a therapist.  

In 2017 I published an audiobook 'The Practical Mystic - A Guide to Psychic and Intuitive Skills' that sells online, mostly in America, to this day.  As a result of that research I worked as a medium in a few Spiritualist Churches and enjoyed doing psychic fairs where I did readings for the public.  

All these things have been great fun but latterly, in my mid 50s I decided to pull my skills together under one banner and do an MA in Illustration part time at the University of Gloucestershire.  This was a wonderful decision and gave me the freedom to explore just what I wanted to do with all the skills I had and how I could take them in a new direction.

So now I find myself exploring new ideas, concepts and forms for my work in books, artist's books, and publications that give me the chance to not only make these things and satisfy the craftsman in me but also to write them and do all the drawings for them.  Publishing my own writing and ideas is something I've wanted to do since I was young but it took many years to have something worth writing about that others might be interested in reading!

Much of what I write about and illustrate links to wellbeing and nature and how these two elements work together in us.  So keep coming back to my site and you'll find all the new things that I'm doing, some of which will be finished and for sale too if you might be interested in that.

Kindest regards,

Colin Clark.