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In my time I've done a lot of creative work.  I've been a goldsmith and taught jewellery making for 15 years, I've worked as an artist painting nudes, portraits and large semi-abstract landscapes.  I've worked as a therapist and coach helping people with long term depression, anxiety and stress.  I've even taught psychic skills based on the research I did when I was training and working as a therapist. 

All these things have been great fun but latterly, in my mid 50s I decided to pull my skills together under one banner and do an MA in Illustration part time at the University of Gloucestershire.  This was a wonderful decision and gave me the freedom to explore just what I wanted to do with all the skills I had and how I could take them in a new direction.

So now I find myself exploring new ideas, concepts and forms for my work in books, artist's books, as well as painting outdoors (plein air) and in my studio.  This gives me the chance to not only make things and satisfy the craftsman in me but also to write and do all the drawings and illustrations for my writing.


I've lived in The Cotswolds my whole life and I never grow tired of the view over beautiful landscapes, the plants, flowers and trees and the wonderful, entertaining range of wildlife that's either visiting my garden or running and flying around the woods and fields.  If, like me, you love the natural world and how much it benefits our emotional and physical wellbeing then you will appreciate the need to preserve, conserve and cherish it for it's own benefit as much as ours.

Painting and drawing have consumed most of my life as a passion and a vocation.  So to also be out in the wild winds, cold and heat while working is literally a breath of fresh air.

Kindest regards,

Colin Clark.

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