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The paintings below are all currently for sale.  If you wish to buy a painting then please note down the name of the painting and use the 'Contact' page to let me know and we can sort out delivery options and costs.

New Work Coming Soon

Work Sold

Oddington Bluebells II

Oil on Canvas (incl' frame) - 




Over a period of many years i've visited this magical wood near the village of Oddington nr Stow-on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds where I grew up.  The magical light and colour changes throughout the day and the combination of purples, blues and greens on the glorious display of bluebells has been a constant inspiration.

Walled Garden Irises

Oil on Medite panel (incl' frame) - 




The walled garden near Kemerton Court and opposite the church is a delight to see when the flowers are in full bloom.  I was lucky to find this glorious row of irises near the apple tree and glistening in the sunshine during the summer of 2023.  

Kemerton Court Wood

Oil on Medite panel​ (incl' frame) - 


Painted in Summer 2023, It shows a view along a path cut through the the cow parsley and tall grasses leading to a small woodland.  The path goes from the end of the walled garden, towards Kemerton Court.  

Oddington Bluebells I

Oil on Canvas


The first in a series of works based on the lovely Oddington bluebell wood.  This went to a newly married couple who loved it.

Cheltenham Magnolia

Oil on Canvas


A painting based on a short window of opportunity when he magnolia was in full bloom in the front garden of a house in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  

Lion Skies.jpg

Lion Skies

Oil on canvas​ - 60 x 60 cms

The dramatic skyscapes seen around the Cotswolds inspired this painting.  The movement of clouds and the sound of the wind in the air led to painting in a more gestural and expressive way using a palette knife only.

Wildflower Meadow

Acrylic on Medite panel​ - 20 x 20 cms

I was painting wildflowers near Wick in Gloucestershire on a hot summer day.  Close by there is also a beautiful array of fields full of fabulous flowers called 'The Confetti Fields' where they grow, harvest and crop them to make natural, bio-degradable confetti.

Wildflower Field.jpg
View to another place.jpg

View to Another Place

Acrylic on Medite panel - 20 x 20 cms

Based on watercolour sketches of a strangely magical view through a wide hedge near home in Tewkesbury.  


Acrylic on Medite panel - 20 x 20 cms

I painted this fabulous oak at Cadbury Castle March in Devon where it sat to the left of the ancient entrance to the Iron Age hill fort.  The whole 'keep' was ringed by oaks but this one was spectacular.



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