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View to another place.jpg

View to Another Place - SOLD

Acrylic on Medite panel - 20 x 20 cms

Based on watercolour sketches of a strangely magical view through a wide hedge near home in Tewkesbury.  

View to Another Place Sketch
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Sentinel - SOLD

Acrylic on Medite panel - 20 x 20 cms

I photographed this fabulous oak at Cadbury Castle March in Devon where it sat to the left of the ancient entrance to the Iron Age hill fort.  The whole 'keep' was ringed by oaks but this one was spectacular.

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Lion Skies.jpg

Lion Skies - SOLD

Oil on canvas​ - 60 x 60 cms

The dramatic skyscapes seen around the Cotswolds inspired this painting.  The movement of clouds and the sound of the wind in the air led to painting in a more gestural and expressive way using a palette knife only.

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Coldwell Bottom

Acrylic on Khadi paper mounted on birch faced panel - 25 x 25 cms

I started this painting 'plein air' but I couldn't resolve it while standing in the wind and sun. Back in the studio I took out my photographs and sketches and started to re-work the surface with a bigger brush and achieved this looser impression.

Caldwell Bottom Sketch
Coldwell Bottom.jpg
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Orchard - SOLD

Acrylic on Medite panel​ - 20 x 20 cms

A friend has fruit trees in her garden and during summer, the overgrown garden and trees laden with lush green leaves created a wonderful shady space with a thin pathway leading between them.

Wildflower Meadow - SOLD

Acrylic on Medite panel​ - 20 x 20 cms

I was painting wildflowers near Wick in Gloucestershire on a hot summer day.  Close by there is also a beautiful array of fields full of fabulous flowers called 'The Confetti Fields' where they grow, harvest and crop them to make natural, bio-degradable confetti.

Wildflower Field.jpg
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The Cottage.jpg

The Cottage - SOLD

Acrylic on Khadi paper mounted on Medite panel.

20 x 20 cms

The field I was in was full of incredible tall wildflowers and it was a hot summer day, shimmering with haze.  I saw this cottage behind me and decided to paint it peaking through the hedge and boundary of trees.  This more pastel style suited the shimmering summer heat.

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View from Crickley Hill - Plein Air
View from Crickley Hill.jpg

View from Crickley

Acrylic on Khadi paper -15 x 21 cms

On a cold Autumn day, I stood painting this small work looking out over the mist covered landscape viewed from the Neolithic and Iron Age encampment of Crickley Hill near Birdlip in Gloucestershire.  I took it back to the studio to finish it after my hands has warmed up!

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Snowdon Peak

Snowdon Peak

STUDY - acrylic on card  - 25 x 25 cms

This view of the peak of Snowdon shrouded in clouds forms the experimental starting point for a much larger work.  I enjoy painting in a more impressionistic and semi-abstract way so will pursue this going forwards and will show the finished piece here when completed. It'll probably be in Oil on canvas.


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