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Carrie Sermon MA



Since graduating from my MA in Fine Art in May 2021 from the University of Gloucestershire, I have continued to explore my fundamental core values from the circular economy of reduce, reuse, and recycle. I reject fast making in favour of mindful slow crafts, by upcycling discarded jewellery, into Waste Not/ Want Not necklaces.

Each unique necklace is ethically sourced and is repurposed into a unique piece of wearable art. I carefully consider each bead’s combination of colour, pattern, size, shape, material, texture, and hand thread them onto thong which creates dazzling, joyful pieces. I thereby, create jewellery which is both ethical, wearable, functional, and a beautiful one off.

I take commissions to repurpose any jewellery which might be broken or unsuitable to wear because of design, weight or style of fittings but is of sentimental or aesthetic value and needs a new lease of life to give it purpose and be worn.

My future work will be inspired by my reconnecting to my archaeological background by investigating and reimagining our connections to the past through discovered material culture and artefacts, such as prehistoric female figurines. 

Instagram: carriesermonart


Carrie Sermon modelling her upcycled necklaces


Waste Not, Want Not Jewellery


Upcycled, unique jewellery


Waste Not, Want Not necklaces

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