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Sarah Jemmett

Sarah Jemmett brush in hand _edited.jpg


Following my decision to leave my career in the financial sphere, I rediscovered my passion for painting and drawing. This has led me to pursuing a career as a landscape and plein air artist working predominantly in oils. 

Living and working in the Cotswolds, I find endless variety in the landscape, towns and villages which make up this beautiful area and this influence often finds its way into my work. Walking in nature and travelling are equally important to my practice, I feel a deep affinity with Cornwall where I was born and raised on a working farm. Scotland is another of my favourite locations where I spent several years of my life.

This experience of a childhood spent in Cornwall has resulted in an emotive connection with the sea, a subject matter which I frequently explore in my work.

Though I thoroughly enjoy working from my garden studio, I love the experience of being amongst nature painting plein air.


The sounds, movements and changing light all provide a unique challenge when painting outdoors. In these sessions, I am trying to capture an essence of what it is like to experience being stood within a particular location and convey this to the viewer.

A lifelong enthusiasm for learning informs my painting practice and using these discoveries to make art helps me continually evolve and grow as an artist.    

I have exhibited in various Galleries in the UK during the last 5 years and my work is available directly through my website.

Journeys End.JPG

Journey's End - Oil on Panel

Hidden from View.jpg

Hidden from View - Oil on Panel

Complicated Silence.JPEG

Complicated Silence - Oil on Panel

By the Weir.jpg

By the Wier - Oil on Panel

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