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Steve Roberts MA

Steve Roberts - Black and White Portrait.jpg


I am a contemporary landscape artist based just outside of Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. My studio is located at the base of Cleeve Hill which serves as a continual source of inspiration for my work.

En plein air (painting outdoors) is the foundation upon which all my creative output is built.  The landscape is continually changing, the light, the colour and atmosphere are never fixed. It is these transformational aspects of the landscape which give my practice purpose and direction.

My intention is never to copy the scene in front of me but instead interpret the sensations of colour and light in a direct shorthand. I tend to work very quickly and intuitively to create paintings which are full of dynamic movement achieved through luscious combinations of texture and colour.

Sometimes I choose to work solely from drawings made on location and recall my memories of that experience to guide the colour palette and to direct the mood of a painting. On other occasions, I will complete paintings either partially or entirely outdoors. Ideas from one approach invariably find there way into another which in turn creates a dialogue between them. This idea of cross-fertilising my own practice is hugely exciting to me and in my view makes for a richer and more interesting body of work.

Whether the location is rural or urban, my work plays with revealing and concealing aspects of the landscape. The paintings resulting from this approach have no reference to a specific location but instead invite the viewer to uncover their own interpretation.

Cloud Drift - Oil on Cradled Panel - 15 x 15 cms

Cloud Dazzle - Oil on Cradled Panel - 15 x 15 cms

Cloud Daze - Oil on Cradled Panel - 15 x 15 cms

River Abstraction - Oil on Cradled Panel - 8 x 16 inches

River Abstraction - Oil on Cradled Panel - 8 x 16 inches

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