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Colin Clark MA

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Woodland, wild places, sea, sky and wildflowers provide endless inspiration for my paintings, drawings and illustrations.  When painting and drawing, I venture out to experience the landscape in all weathers and through the shifting seasons.  My imagery will often move from realist interpretations of a scene to more abstracted colour and form as the important features.


In my illustration work I often seek to communicate a complex narrative or small story where meaning may shift depending on the viewer.  As a writer, I create narratives which are loosely influenced by folklore and myth.  This allows me to create imagery that employs ambiguity and allegory to offer the viewer the opportunity to invest themselves in the tale. 


The common theme in my work is nature in all its fragile and fierce beauty. Our experience of the natural world and our inner nature resonate to allow us access to the magic and mystery of the natural spaces we share with all life around us.  On the lighter side, I also paint and draw animals and birds with a warmly comical depiction for cards, prints and other products.

Kemerton Wood - Oil on canvas, 30cm x 48.5cm

Cheltenham Magnolia - Oil on canvas, 41cm x 41cm

Oddington Bluebells - Oil on canvas, SOLD

Oddington Bluebells II - Oil on canvas, 30.5cm x 762cm

On Woolacombe Beach - Oil cradled panel, 20cm x 41cm

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